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The TheraPlate is the work of over 30 years of research and has various case studies to show the effects of improving healing, helping to prevent further injury, aiding optimum performance and maximising recovery from strenuous work.​

Theraplate K21  

The TheraPlate can be used for maximising your horse’s health and wellbeing for both performance and rehabilitation. In optimising performance, the TheraPlate aids relaxation, strength, suppleness, condition and recovery through use before or after work while it can also provide outstanding results in aiding recovery times for those needing rehabilitation from injury.

History and Results  

Since conception,  TheraPlate has been the subject of more than 200 peer-reviewed clinical studies as well as studies and trials in university veterinary and physical-therapy programs. The studies show the application of the Vortex Wave therapy in the rehabilitation of common problems found in horses of all disciplines including navicular, bowed tendons, back soreness, arthritis, poor hoof growth, PSSM and more. A common result in both clinical studies and personal testimony from TheraPlate users was the reduction of healing time and creating a second chance for horses and people.  Many cases are showing up to a 40 percent improvement over traditional treatments or box rest.

Rehab, Performance and Conditioning
  • Up to 50% faster healing through increased production of ATP 

  • Horses on box rest or downtime maintain muscle and bone density

  • Prevents further injuries 

  • 100% guaranteed to never aggravate any existing condition

  • Safely use TheraPlate straight after surgery to excel your horses healing

  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility – in many cases, horses no longer need joint supplements

  • Relieving stress and anxiety in performance horse

  • Improving your horses balance

  • Reducing inflammation and swelling after work

  • Improve your horses focus during training

  • Build lean and even muscle distribution throughout the whole body

  • Discover new bone growth with consistent use

  • Improved hoof function and quality

  • Increasing digital cushion circulation

  • Improve joint, ligament and tendon function

Cyclo-Ssage Equine Pro Therapy

Alongside the TheraPlate, here at TRT we also offer the use of a Cyclo-Ssage Equine Pro Therapy. 

Cyclo-Ssage Pro Equine Therapy is a full body deep tissue massage system using proven and adapted technology to give users the best possible outcomes from their usage. There are 3 main areas in which this therapy can help you achieve the most from your horse:


Training and travelling can take their toll on horses, in terms of both their muscles and their stress levels. The Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System helps to address and tackle both of these, in turn leaving you with a happier improved horse.


Regular use of the Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System improves the overall performance of horses due to being specifically designed to treat the main muscle areas of your horse and to stimulate muscle activity and blood circulation.


Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System is a useful tool for any horse in rehabilitation as it helps to avoid general muscle wastage and loss of mobility therefore encouraging a speedy recovery with efficient healing.

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